• Scale with thousandths of a gram
  • 30 ML glass bottle with dropper
  • 20 ml coconut oil
  • Cannabis Concentrate (distillate, CO2 oil, Live Resin - with known cannabinoid content tested)

Passo a passo

  1. There are 20 drops per standard 1 ml. dropper, and we are looking to create a tincture with ½ mg. THC/drop (10 mg/1 ml. dropper). With 20 drops/dropper, and 20/droppers per bottle, we’ll have 400 drops/20 ml. bottle (20ml x 20 drops/ml = 400). Because we want the dosage to be .5 mg./drop, we’ll need to do a little algebra: The total amount of cannabinoids that should be available to infuse the 20ml of coconut oil should be 200mg THC (400 drops x .5 mg).
  2. If we are working with an 80 percent THC concentrate, from here, we can calculate the weight needed of concentrate to add to the coconut oil in order to give us .5 THC/drop. Because 1,000 mg = 1 gram, we know that in 1 gram of concentrate, with an 80% concentrate, we have 800mg THC. Think about it like butter: If you buy a butter that is 80% butterfat, 80% is fat, and 20% is water. Here, 80% is THC, 20% is plant waxes and terpenes. Because we are looking to put 200 mg THC into our tincture, we are looking to add a ¼ gram of concentrate to the oil (800 mg. x ¼ = 200 mg.).
  3. Weigh out directly into the bottom of the glass dropper bottle .25 grams of concentrate. Zero scale. Add 20g of warm coconut oil. Take a small pot and bring the water up to 180 degrees. Place the tincture bottle in the bottom of the pot and let it warm slowly. Agitate the bottle with the lid on, and heat it until the extract dissolves fully. You can also place the bottle in a bag and throw it in the emersion circulator for 30 minutes at 80 degrees C.
  4. NOTE: For the purposes of this tincture recipe, we used an 80% THC live rosin, which was decarboxylated (aka the THC was activated) before use by heating to 230-250 degrees. You can use distillate or another cannabis concentrate that has already been decarbed if you’d like to skip this step.
  5. To keep things simple, once you have your 80% THC concentrate, you will add 1/4 gram of concentrate to 20 ml. of coconut oil, then slowly heat in a water bath. Once fully emulsified, you will have 200 mg. of THC suspended in to 20 ml. of oil. This will give you .5 mg. THC/drop from a standard dropper.